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Brookside Farm & Gardens is a beautiful five-acre farm located within the city limits of southeast Portland. The farm is home to bee colonies, a herd of Boer goats, Dahlia gardens, several hundred happy hens, and Lucille, an emu who thinks she is in charge of the entire farm.

Visitors to Brookside Farm will find the owners, Chuck and Bonnie Hodge, busy with the never-ending tasks of farm life; tending livestock, building fences, working in the gardens, grooming the scenic landscape, and all the many chores that need to be completed every day.
The pond
The pond at Brookside Farm is in a constant state of change. In the Spring, the water lilies spread out their leaves on the surface, then hundreds of bright yellow iris' surround the pond. Red-winged Blackbirds build their nests in the reeds and Mallard hens start nesting. Soon after, tiny baby ducks start trailing around after their mothers. Later in the summer the cattails shoot up, the blooms on the water lilies burst open, and the fluff from the Cottonwood dances over the surface of the pond. It's a beautiful sight.

Jay, the resident Master Gardener, lends his expertise and assistance in all areas of gardening and farm life. Each year Jay researchs and develops different methods of growing vegetables in raised beds.

This year's garden produced a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes, a plentiful crop of okra, green beans, squash, and juicy melons.

Be sure to check out our EVENTS page to see what is happening at the farm and when tours are scheduled.
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